Pre-order offer – FAQ

Pre-order LOKI: A BAD GOD’S GUIDE TO MAKING ENEMIES by Louie Stowell to receive an exclusive A4 doodle print! 

Send us your proof of pre-order here by 23:59 Monday 30th January 2023 to get this offer while supplies last. Open to UK and Ireland.

Please read the FAQ carefully before contacting us with any questions, and for more details, take a look at the terms & conditions

Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Making Enemies pre-order offer FAQ:

1. Does it matter what retailer I pre-order from or what version of the book I choose?

This offer applies to pre-orders from any and all retailers in the UK and ROI and both print and eBooks. 

2. What counts as “proof of pre-order”?

The image must show you’ve purchased LOKI: A BAD GOD’S GUIDE TO MAKING ENEMIES. You can upload your confirmation email, a screenshot of your order confirmation, or a photo of the order confirmation on your phone or computer. PDF and jpeg images are preferred. 

3. How will I know if you received my submission?

When you submit at the site linked here, you’ll see a screen that says “submission was successful.” Due to the volume of submissions, we can’t confirm receipt of individual submissions. The form closes on 23:59 Wednesday 11th September 2024 GMT (this is London time, please plan accordingly). 

4. I pre-ordered more than one copy. Can I get more than one bookmark?

Yes, but you must submit each proof of pre-order separately for each book you purchased. Each copy of LOKI: A BAD GOD’S GUIDE TO MAKING ENEMIES you pre-order counts toward a bookmark, but duplicate submissions of the same order (of only one book) will be disqualified. Please note that to submit a second form you may need to clear your browser’s cache or use a different browser to access the form again.

5. When will I receive my bookmark?

We will start sending the wooden bookmarks out from the on-sale date of the book (12th September 2024) and will ship them throughout the months of September and October. Please allow at least 6 weeks for delivery. If it’s December 3rd 2024 and you haven’t received your bookmark, you may contact Note that due to volume, the mailing process takes several weeks, so people will receive their bookmarks in waves. All questions and queries regarding the pre-order must be made by December 31st 2024.